Tuesday, January 25, 2005

these are lovely days
a host of other things that i wanted to share with you today, but i didn't have a journal with me, so i can't remember. all the better, because all we have is now. sometimes, i think we write in journals because we want to constantly remind ourselves of who we are, because we're so afraid that one day we're gonna wake up and not remember just who we are. that we're not going to recognise ourselves one day. how much of your own identity have you surrendered to God today?

sometimes i wonder wot it would be like to fight in a war, wot kind of a soldier would i be? i probably wouldnt even have time to think though, mowed down by gunfire in the first wave probably. i suppose war novels just muck around with your mind, they're the next best thing to actually being there.

these are lovely days because of who we share our lives with, and who we say goodnight to.

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