Saturday, January 8, 2005

the frail state of mind
today is gig night! has it already come to this? i can barely contain my excitement as it is, and yes, there are fears of mucking some songs up, or forgetting certain things, the weather, the general atmopsphere. just generally anything that can go wrong, probably will go wrong.

gigging is about preperation. well, it's a part of it. but yeah, if you wanna rock, it's a mixture of spontanianity and preperation. rockstar 101? this is just the begining! *grin* as thomas would say: all those years of preperation, of jamming, being friends, appreciating music, all those ups and downs, your spiritual highs and lows, the good and terrible songs you've written before, those girls that warmed your ice cold heart, those nights when you were terribly alone, those nights when your best mates were by your side, especially those nights when you were alone with your maker, frankly just the past twenty two years of existence.. all culminated in just one set for one rocked out night. that's a taste of wot we're offering tonight, life on a platter, everything that we have learnt into one performance art, everything that meant something or nothing will be drawn upon and exhibited out on one stage in one place in one time. and then the world will start spinning again.

debut gigs are a strange thing.. have fun before it all catches up with you. as i sip my teh tarik, i replay the future that is going to become past. all we have is now. i wanna thank each and everyone of you in advance.

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