Sunday, January 23, 2005

the in betweens
you have to read in between the lines, look for the hidden meanings, the unsaid words or the simulcra of latent fantasies. not that i'm feeling jaded, but sometimes it's just so easy to take the world as it comes, to imagine you're the main actor in a movie and that everyone says wot he or she is meant to say, for your benefit of dismay. everything is black and white, everything happens for a reason, a reason to affect you. so yeah, sometimes we all need a good kick in the face to remember that everybody's the main characters in their own movies, so there are plenty of hidden meanings and experiences whenever a person crosses our paths. all 95% of the stuff that remains unsaid or even unthought when when go thru life.

anyhows, i caught my first and killer set by electrico last night at the prince of wales, which is also a great aussie pub by the way! i'm convinced that this band is super tight and just excellent at wot they do! super catchy and well written tunes meant for listeners of all alike, an excellent rhythm ssection and true mind-blowing guitar-work by daniel sassoon.

also, leeson will be playing its second gig on january 26 wednesday 7pm. we're set to rock the stage once again, so please come and show your support if you can, we're also selling cds on that night, so if you haven't got one.. now's the time! we've got a couple of changes to our set to keep things refreshing, and its an awesome stage, much bigger than the last one.. and we hope it's gonna be an intimate connection between you, our music and us.

peace and rocks!

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