Thursday, January 27, 2005

i'm already somebody's baby
we all know how young love starts, we know how nothing will ever destroy those feelings of affections for each other. and yet, many of these feelings are doomed to confrontation, doomed to years of insummountable hatred. how much you love someone, is how much you hate that person, and how much you hate that person is how much you love that person. doesn't make sense? it couldn't, i'm not even in a relationship now, yet i seem to see it happening all around me.

y'know, everyone's really concerned about my youngest cousin who's just enlisted in the army. *sigh* he mopes abit about how things don't make sense, and it sickens me. and yet, i've done my fair share of moping about things that don't make sense, yet.. i only see it as i type these words out now. funny, how this sudden thought about my own victimisation pops in and changes the entire agenda i had intended to share about today. well, yeahh.. we do tend to victimise ourselves, make ourselves the lead characters in our autobiographical movies. yet, we don't know how silly we all look till we actually pay 8.50 SGD to watch the melodramatic trash that is our lives on the big screen. would you really want a movie made about you?

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