Sunday, January 16, 2005

mothership blues
my sis just came home to use the computer, and i can't help but feel slightly irritable. it's not her, it's me.. but as we all know, a line like that just doesn't work. but yeah, i mean, im fine with her using the computer and all, and while she took longer than expected, it shouldn't even bother me, but i think it did. gahhh, sometimes when your body has run out of endorphines, it's difficult to stay smiley all the time. but yeah, i probably had a more pissed look than i'd hope for.. *sigh* the guilt and joy of being a younger brother who's never home.

well yeah, then there was this small teeny weeeny bit about the proper way to use the house computer.. and yeah lah, when you're outta happy juice, it doesn't help the situation. but at least we weren't shouting at each other, so it's all cool. oh mothership blues, take me home..

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