Sunday, January 9, 2005

gaping mouth and background girl
once again leonard can come up with some of the best one liners. these words i believe can be used for a movie title, superhero/villan alteregos or perhaps just a pretentious post-core song title. either way, it's our title for today.

so wot can i say besides : thank you everyone who came down for the gig last night! for all those who stayed to say hi, and all who didn't get a chance to say hi! really really, thank you from the bottem of my heart for making the time to come down and catch an amateur band play their first gig! thanks for sharing and being a part of the stage experience and there's no such thing as a performance art if there's no audience to perform to. in some way or another, each of you that came down plays a deeper meaning in art then you might not even know *grin*

thanks to the organisers and stage crew who made such a night happen and most of all

thanks to the good Lord for clearing the weather, feeding the band's energy, and basically being the inspiration behind everything and the provider of everything. a little lesson of faith that i learnt yesterday was from haiks. i had been praying for the weather to be clear, and the thought just kept popping into nmy head, alright, i'd better pray again. then haiks texted me, and i texted him back to help pray that God would clear the weather. and he said something like "it won't rain". and y'know wot? that's faith.. faith that God heard you right the first time, faith that He's a good God and the author and finisher of our race, faith that it will not rain, something as simple as that. to not question further, to not dig deeper and intellectualise the way God could work. it will not rain. faith. it did not rain. *smile*

the set went smoothly, and the sound was great! enough space to move and such a magnificent crowd! i didn't know if i was jumping around too much.. hahaha! once the media comes in, we'll post pictures to remember the night. plus the EPs should be coming in soon, check this space for more details.

once again, a big thank you to all who made it happened, to all who share in this life of mine. tell us how we can make catching leeson more worthwhile of your time!

the setlist
travels with lizbeth
killing spree
the fast
there is a light that never goes out (the smiths)
great giver
master of ceremonies
heroes (bowie)

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