Saturday, January 15, 2005

crowd control
quite a massive day, it may not seem like much but i think it's taken its toll on me. it's nice to come back before twelve, soak in the twilight, take a leisurely shower and just bask in the night's moonshine.

my mind's a bit of a blank right now, reckon it's just spent too long awake or perhaps being around too many people over the past week. sometimes it really drains you, i've spent two straight days walking around far east plaza.. and it's somehow lost it's appeal. probably due to the fact that my flip flops have been knawing away at the soles of my feet. however, i kinda made aquaintences with the dude from afterlife whose shop is opposite the incredibly famous ambush. he's a nice chap, i bought a t-shirt from him and he bought an EP from us. perhaps now more people will hear of both our products? hahaha, perhaps.

so i just finished drinking a tiny cup of milk. some nights, milk just does wonders to your system. like a rich creamy texture coating the insides of your throat, strangely therapeutic, don't know if there's any real way of explaining the epiphany. so my room's still pretty much a mess, but i kinda like it that way, because i wanna feel messy, as if i were terribly busy. however, my wardrobe is abit too messy for my liking, perhaps i will clean that one up first. perhaps. i'm sorry im taking you thru this, sometimes i wonder if anyone really bothers to read thru all this stuff, or rather, why would anyone bother to read thru all this stuff. it's not frightfully amusing, and it scares me.. my so-called mediocrity.

however, mediocre lives don't eat "la mian" and "xiao long bau" from crystal jade, or so i'd like to think. i think i found a new favourite place to eat!

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