Tuesday, December 21, 2004

rapid deployment
well, i'm back in spore, and it's hitting me like i don't really know where i belong. a part of me likes it, and a part of me doesn't, but then again, i guess i'll never be happy. it's somewhat strange to not be on the mission field, like i'm on holiday or something, complacency setting in? scary thought. i have a new chorus pedal for me bass, the arion sch-z which i kinda bought on impulse in japan, but apparently it's got great reviews.. might just have a gem on my hands. basically, just gonna concentrate on music whilst here, might be getting a sweet deal on a bass over here, see if it works out, then i could earn some extra dosh by selling it in perth. also, the leeson website was updated on december the fourth, and we got some gigs lined up for next year. also, there're streaming samples of our ep, so if you're itching to hear wot we sound like, scratch it now.

met up with a couple of my good mates yesterday, and that was all good.

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