Saturday, December 25, 2004

show me what happens now
so i can't say everything, but that's alright. it's not like i could change your mind or anything. this really isn't about anything in particular, it's kinda wot happens when your mind just starts talking with itself, or the other residents that live in the same apartment in our subconcious. you might think it's actually crazy to type like this, you may not understand. i don't understand myself, and i'm not seeing to be understood, or even to understand, i just want to get it out and entertain it. it helps me cope, it's catharsis, it's just the way i feel. funny the things we do, letting it all come out, freely hammering away at the keyboard, responsibilities shrinking as you don't bother with how your text will bother other people. free of responsible blogging, know that i've always cared about your well-being that i tried to make things understand. for a moment now, just understand when i say i need a break. it's really catharsis, notice the amount of "i"s i'm using in this post, it's not exactly the most outwardly looking. so when one looks inward, does one face all the strangest linear conversations with oneself. remember, we're not seeking to be understood, we're just trying to get it out of our system, and there's nothing wrong with that. well, verily verily i say unto you now, there is nothing wrong with that. there might be something wrong tomorrow, but today, we're just harnessing all that we have now. and we're just looking for some sorta release. peace and rocks.

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