Tuesday, May 29, 2007

death, how do we part?
i wasn't really musing for a topic to write about, but i suppose this one found me in a sense. it's been a rather morbid week with the passing of wayne thunder, then another sudden passing of Corey Nonis from Singapore's pioneering art-rock band, Heritage over the weekend, right after they received the Compass Award for Excellence in Songwriting. Although i didn't know these guys personally, the shockwaves could still be felt throughout the music community, and you sort of feel a sense of loss that the collective has just lost some of its greatest players and influencers.

while i felt the disparity of loss, i wasn't exactly moping or crying in my sleep. however, when the husband of my nanny when i was a kid, passed away on sunday night, and i attended the work this evening and looked into the coffin to see a 'peaceful' but lifeless figure, i guess it wasn't loss that gripped, but the finality of death that somehow seemed tangible. how it takes away, and all that remains is a memory.

i'm not going to wax lyrical about this, and i guess i started thinking about my own folks and how my own parents probably have another twenty more years to go or if they're lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it),another twenty five to thirty years on this earth. and i guess that will strike me the deepest, because we're talking about the folks who've stood by you and your decisions, and saw you at your weakest as well.

and then the pastor conducting the funeral service, made a timely reminder of how this isn't the end, do you know where you're going?

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