Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the latest in pick up lines?
you made my day!
got this off theory.isthereason. basically, a new startup, hitchoo has come up with a dating service, which from what i understand, involves me(the person with the hitchoo card), giving the card to someone whom i fancy. when that person receives the card, he/she is free to go online and check out my details on the hitchoo website.

sounds like a nice plan, protects your privacy, and because it's an agency, hopefully there'll be some sort of quality control. plus, the onus is more on the person whom you gave the card too.. allowing the card giver a bit of a 'cop-out' from the whole courage factor of chatting someone up. some might argue it's more fuss free, others might say it's a cheap shot.

i still like my moo cards. they sort of contain my online details, plus they are highly personalised, which is what i feel the hitchoo cards lack. one could receive too many hitchoo cards and they'd all look the same wouldn't they? perhaps they could do personalised cards.

anyway, which brings me to my next point. most of my profile information is found on myspace, friendster, facebook, and of course my trusty blog.. now tell me.. do you need to check out with a dating service if i'm legit? hahaha.. no, because i can be cool like that.

not that my moo cards have helped me in the dating field, but i know my colleagues were somewhat impressed. and you would be too if you'd seen my previous post about it. check the photostream out here

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