Saturday, May 12, 2007

when the scars and stars fall and tear our bodies down
omigosh, i wish i had more moments of brilliance like this. a couple of things that make you sit up and notice, that there's a beauty this world has to offer. or at least not make the living so painful.

what am i babbling about? well, what have i not been babbling about? this blog is filled with psychobabble. sometimes i wonder after more than three years of blogging, what personality does this 'lil space have to offer those that come by. do you take something away, or does it just take up space in your life, one more clutter among the junkyard of your heart.

i feel a glorious sensation when i listen to bjork's "dull flame of desire" from her new album volta. it's easily one of my favourite songs right now, it's majestically simple with electronic toms thumping the background, royal horns and painfully stricken vocals (courtesy of bjork and antony) that seem to want to break out of their prisons as they strive for release. amen. easily making it's way into my 2007 compilation.

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