Tuesday, May 22, 2007

explaining the little things in the sidebar
well, i finally did a little housekeeping with the sidebar, so hopefully it's easier to navigate and isn't as confusing. also, the font size is bigger so you don't have to squint. i would agree with anyone who wants to agree that, that's a good thing. a better thing even.

one thing that you, my dear reader, might want to take not of, is the addition of both twitter and jaiku. it's a bit of a social experiment as much as it is trying to stay in touch with the folk that matter. so, if you somehow feel inspired to add these lil widgets to your webspace, they can greatly enhance both your online and offline experience.

this is the simpler service of the two. basically you just sign up for it, and you'll be given an account which is sorta of like a blog space. your posts appear in the space they provide, in my case www.twitter.com/litford. the cool things are that, one you update the page, you can also create a feed on your blog (like i have) which acts as a megaphone system. now, here comes the clincher. it's SMS compatible, meaning that whatever contacts you have on your twitter account, if they enable (by default) receiving updates via SMS, any updates on twitter will be sms-ed to them as well. PLUS you can SMS to twitter and they will update your page and everything else as well, including sending the update to all your contacts at no charge to your mobile provider because you are using a service of twitter. if you think that's cool, sign up for it and add me to your contact list!

jaiku can probably be considered a souped up twitter. it works the same way in that you can update your status via mobile phone, but in jaiku's case, if your phone isn't a smartphone, you won't receive updates on your mobile, and only via email. so it's sort of limited in its megaphone functions. However, the cool thing about jaiku is that you can enter your personal feeds into it and everytime you update your feed, if your configure jaiku, it will broadcast your update to all your other contacts via email or their own jaiku profiles. you can treat this as a sort of moblog as well that people can browse your profile and see all the jaiku's you've made thus far. very useful as a sort of pinging function. it would be cool to get it, plus the finnish web design is quite spiffy.

that's all! hopefully you'll find the sidebar easier to navigate! plus.. i should be moving to wordpress pretty soon, or at least i'm gonna start blogging more professional opinions on a new platform as opposed to maintaining a personal blog. so look out for that!

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