Saturday, May 5, 2007

super saturate my soul
if i may, explain in further detail the significance of the previous post. of course i do not have anything against ugly, or beautiful people. in fact, one asks who set the standards of what beauty is? of course, perhaps on a primal instinct level, there is something in us that makes us look for 'good genes' in our partners, and perhaps over the thousands of years of cultural building and stereotyping, there are more 'qualitative traits' we look for in the opposite gender.

anyway, aside from being a disposition toward gender or cultural issues, as much as i applaud various media forms to question openly the significance of having skinny, socially accepted forms of beauty, on the flipside i think some of us are making too much of a ruckus over the whole thing about beauty, that beautiful people on the inside become ugly on the inside as well.

sometimes, some things don't need to be said all the time. i leave it to your discretion.

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