Wednesday, May 9, 2007

long walks along the beach
because the most cliched things mean something

i've actually more or less decided that i'll wear a 'uniform' to work once i get down to buying 2 more sets of the same white shirt i currently have now.

why fuss about what to wear to work everyday when you can wear the same thing? it doesn't matter, it'll still look good, plus there'll be a sort of consistency to it. in an agency full of creative people who are constantly trying to reinvent themselves, maybe i 'reinvent' myself by being constant. in that sense, you might be the only different one if you're the only boring one.

well, i know that doesn't look quite as good in writing than it did in my little 'bright idea world', but all i wanted was to not need to fuss about trivial things with consistency and good materials, and also pay a certain homage to the nerdy clerk-ish guy with thick black glasses that you see in 1930's era cantonese films. indulge me.

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