Sunday, January 11, 2004

and so it came to pass..
that i caught my first astreal gig since coming back to spore. i've never been a fan of the live sound at the zouk stage. and honest to goodness, truth be told, i thought the mix was quite bad. the guitars were too low (hey man! it's about the guitars!) and so was the vocal mix. and they played too 'lil songs. i wished the organisers could've given the band more time, instead of having to sound like they were rushing thru, or just warming up. i've seen astreal gigs with more energy.

but it was good to finally be able to meet ginettle even if for a brief moment. you know, to put a face behind the blog. so if you're reading this, thanks a lot! hope you enjoy the compilation too! freebies are hard to come by these days. =ppp

in other news, my dark star has been working in kunz's home studio to hopefully release it's 5-track EP by end jan. we're currently in the final stages of the last two songs, except that we're being plagued by a ghost in the machine. man, but innovation has been good, and we're quite shure the new material is gonna blow anybody's socks off.

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