Tuesday, January 13, 2004

kick me again
thank you. i am caffine enabled. intel caffine inside. if you really must know, i am not an coffee drinker or conessieur. neither can i spell very well. i'm not hyper-active or prazac ridden, just that i'm now enabled to carry on the rest of my day without an eyelid inspection. (oh crass! im making dumb ex-oc jokes!!)

either way, i skipped serve today. haha. oh kay, that's not so funny. it's funny how when everything else shuts down when every waking hour is spent trying not to shut down. and then i had this mystery sms who asked me where i was. and then he broght up accountability. i'm not too used to this accountability stuff. i'll admit its something i'll probably have to learn from scratch. but in the meantime, it's "the look of love" by doris day. it's strangely sanguine when she's filling the air with her siren song. the raspy air between her vocal chords and my fragile ear drums.

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