Wednesday, January 14, 2004

men of power
real men. men whom i'd humbly bow out to should my non-existent imaginary japanese girlfriend fall for instead of me.

lance henriksen
hey, i might look old, but women still love this tortured face of mine.

hey doode, you seriously look like you got somehting to say to me..

tony leung
real men get to sleep with faye wong, not panzy zygotes like nicholas tse

isn't maggie cheung just good enough reason to be him?

here they are again, glamming it up, just because they can!

anthony wong
i'm not a rock-god, just one of the suavest middle-aged tortured actors out there

seriously, why can't women gush about males like these? they're not gruntal jock-strapping alpha males, or irritating snaggy boners, or i-learn-how-to-look-and-smell-good-from-men's magazines-metrosexuals. heck, they're just doing wot they normally do. posing for the camera! (and other assorted delights, like pottery. read: lance henriksen). so enjoy my lil visual tribute to male splendour!

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