Wednesday, January 21, 2004

bleeding oranges into a bloody pulp
it's the reunion dinner tonight. for those not too familiar with chinese culture (as i am), it's kinda like new year's eve where a bunch of relatives, get together and comment about how much their children have grown. i think the irritating families will then start comparing the hallmarks of their periodically bratty kids with their briefs stuck up their arses. or you have the goth kid who dresses in black just to piss everyone off. but hey, it's cool and i don't understand the crap you're going thru. well, if i lived with pompus goons who compare the neighbour's dog to being marginally smarter than me, i'd start rebelling too.

but i like this time. because that's not wot it's been for my family. and i hope it isn't for you. really, i don't. i wish this were a time of reunion, between the strong family ties and everyone's just in the spirit of graciousness.

i guess the only thing i don't like is having bite sized bieces of bah kua (chinese barbequed pork) stored in tupperware. i mean, it just makes me eat more, because i think i'm eating less than one slice, but i'm shure ive devoured more than one.

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