Thursday, January 22, 2004

day one o one
i was roused from slumber by a disconcerting ringing beside my bed. someone on the other end (my cousin) convinced me to make my way to granny's for lunch. which i did, oh, it's good to see everyone on an afternoon. 'specially my favourite dish, cabbage with dried scallop in brown starchy sauce. i'd love to know wot it is. haha, but it really is a swell dish. the chewiness of the scallop is wot makes it special. i think everything needs dried scallop.

i'm having a very chilled chinese new year. the folks are not in towne, and i hope they're having a good time. it's kinda nice to have some time alone too. couching on the potato watching the 1968 classic "planet of the apes" while switching between "once upon a time in china". heated up the boloneigse that mom made. it's a lil oiler today, i wonder why..

if you really must know, my guitar and bass are both not in standard tuning for the moment.

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