Sunday, January 25, 2004

way too fast
hey all, the new year's about the family aint it? i dunno about you, but i'm really glad my relatives are alright with one another. i hope that the chinese new year is not a dying tradition in my clan, i like meeting up with my cousins and uncles and aunties, even if i have to constantly attend to their "how's perth?" sorta questions. i don't really mind repeating myself, and i think they don't mind listening to the stories all over again.

already, my cousin's in j2, that's really quite fast. i'll remember the days we'd hang at our grandma's pitting our lego warriors to the death, and every 'lil man had a special power of sorts of we'd construct the ├╝ber-ultimo exoskeleton for our brick headed spartans.

so much so that i didn't manage to jam with thomas and gt. i hope there's still time. i hope there's still next week.

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