Thursday, January 1, 2004

aspects of retrospect
so because i'm terrible with dates:

i grew taller! no i'm lying. but i grew my hair out. its just something i wanted to do, mebbe because i had been keeping a short spikey crop for most of my youth. yeah, so i'm quite pleased with it. may not be very neat, but thats because its not necesary yet. i wrecked my old nerd glasses, and i got myself red tints too. ive been told i look like a pimp. heavens, and to think it was supposed to be about rockstars. also been jogging and playing touch rugby in perth. thats more than i do in the army save the least.

still the same more or less. i dont wanna feel too much, because its usually blood on the tracks. so ive had a few ups and downs, and ive learnt some in the process. but in the end, its all good.

i've sinned, am a sinner, and still sinning but saved. i guess as i try to comprehend all that, i'm learning day by day about the glory of God. i guess i'd like more mantle to really live by faith rather than fluctuate so much. perth was a tough spiritual time for me as i was so distanced. the familarity of SJSM helped, but i'd like to know God's still in the center of it all. still learning, never stopping.

knowledge is power. im quite pleased with my first semester results, but i wanna do better. and read more, learn more. you can learn from everything. even if i were a washout, i'd still wanna be filled with crap.

i'm not hating it yet, but i still like absolute silence. the band helped with an OST, finally gigged and we're doing an EP now. everything will come to pass.

... i think ive said enough, i'm terribly bored of blogging now.

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