Wednesday, January 7, 2004

revealing the cold succulent wound and world
yay, i took my band aid off. i'm glad timely first aid made this less than a disaster than wot it could be. always look at the brigther side of life. but that's because you're not on the dark side of the moon.

glad to have a whole day to myself. self gratification and amusement was top on the list, but at least i managed to scout around for some tickets back to perth, and brought my bowazon to level 20 and into the arcane sanctuary. daymn, i wish reality was this excting. stuffing demonic quails with poison tipped arrows. also fruitful because my mate in perth sent me one of their imprint tracks.

but despite all this, i really should have been somewhere else. haha, but t hat's for me to know. no wait, i told you already. ah heck.

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