Tuesday, February 3, 2004

discard dischord
i wonder wot life will be like again once i'm done with serve program. already planning my last day to be this friday. back to the routine of waking after nine? i dunno, i think there's definitely stuff to think about and get in order once i'm out of it. being in this setting for the most part, has made me feel very safe, and protected. and while i can take comfort in that, i just feel it in my heart, that this isn't where the battleground is. we're arming ourselves, recuperating, who knows wot tomorrow will bring. can we face wot's outside this impenetrable fortress? while it would be good if the world was this safe, it's not the world we live in, and i don't think it's the world we're called to live in. i've got the whole year ahead of me. perth looms in the distance, friends whom i havent really called friends. friends whom i may drift farther from. families that i have limited control over. with this much uncertainty, i guess i can only look heavenwards. you're drawing my gaze.

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