Tuesday, February 10, 2004

osaka beach bunnies
i know these things. it is the third day now, desolation and potholes everywhere. east i look in smoken ruin, south of the beach we're cut off and north is the domineering forces of coalition. to the west lies prosperity and death. mizekins is lying delirious, spitting thick goops of arteral blood onto my knee as i cradle his pale face on my lap. jack and white watch alert over the hole we were dug in, cracking the rifle every few seconds. further in the distance, i envisioned similar fates amognst the scattered greens.

the hole is littered with spent cartidges, each one with a name written on it. an unknown life within a single metal canister, we could be next. it didn't matter.

white saw jackreel back, gel from his dense eyeball squeezing out as the catarects puncture and atmosphere sucks sight away. writhes and spasms follow, more would come, the future didn't matter anymore.

i stepped up.

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