Sunday, February 8, 2004

red and blue, mixed in with gold
today as i was walking around, i've been noticing a purplish hue around everything. on some things it was more prominent, on others a dull shade. i wondered to myself, why is it that there are different shades to everything and everyone? was it some divine grading system, that something was more saturated than another.. or that nothing ever really was equal. and then, i realised everything was purple. even the green filler, i saw it was purple around the edges. and i could not understand why i saw things in a purple light. i broke down and cried, as i could not understand the mysteries of nature. why this and not that. even if i hit my head against the wall, i'd bleed a strange luminous purple blood. and when i closed my eyes in desperation, i noticed purple trimmings in the black thought of my inner eye. like streaks of lightning they tore thru the walls. a robust violet flame, spreading its hue and casting it's shadow on all around. the strange thing about this fire, was that instead of burning things, you could feel a biting frost as it licked your skin. and whenyouputyourhandthruthefire, the purple flame would freeze your palm, compacting it into a chunk of ice. it didn't hurt, but it was cold, and the ice didn't seem to melt or drip any water at all. once it was frozen, it stayed that way. astounded by this alien experience, i was drawn to learn more about the phenomena, but i could not crack the mysteries of a fallen nature, so i sat down under a large oak tree to observe my frozen palm.

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