Friday, February 13, 2004

running like a blade, straight into the hollow, scream and feed me
hey, this one's for you. it's not much, how could something like this ever make up for it? *grin* but i really wanna wish you a happy birthday on my lil personal space. you're indeed special and fantastic, spiffy and always too cute. a princess who never ages and grows more intelligent with the years, but dosen't push it down your throat. yeah, just wanna wish you and spur you on for this year, and let you know you'll always have a friend in me. forgive me for sleeping thru, and i do hope i'm still harmless. a princess dosent deserve this sorta insubordination. so my dear muffin, let's not drift too far during my absence, we still have a good thing. always, live on.

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