Friday, February 27, 2004

one more peaceful moment
ahhhh.. i'm finally going for my first paying gig today, tonight! gonna catch a perfect circle at the perth clearmont showgrounds. woot! man, i can't wait to see those guys in action. gormless mentioned to me wot a wonderful time he had at their set. i can only hope they are gracious tonight, good weather, excellent sound and very hopefully no moshing for me. to be absorbed in music once again. and if they sing "but i don't want to feel this overwhelming hostility", i might just shed a tear.

went to catch this jazz outfit play at thellama bar at subiaco yesternight. was just mentioning to mitts that when a group of musicians enter that moment and feed off their soul and each other like vampires, when they take their audience to a certain place. it's hard to forget you're in perth, or spore. in other words, you're just here. and in the words of wayne coyne, "all we have is now." wise words for a fragile time.

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