Tuesday, February 24, 2004

strange news from another star II
i used this title before, so i reckoned it deserved a part two. remind me when i have to use part three. oh kay, don't hold your horses just yet. my internet connection's still not up, i'm at my friend funky chicken's house leeching off his ADSL. so yeah, uni started on monday, and it's been good. so far. i really wonder wot grades hold in store for me this semester. those of exellence, nerdism, or party party people it's friday night. who'm i gonna meet? there are new faces everywhere, everytime you turn your head. where will i go musically, will i find good writing partners and record. or will it be the pub scene? i don't know, there are things you just don't know. and you can't hope for too much if you're disappointed by unrealised dreams. i don't like dreams, they stay that way. but sometimes you can't help how your mind wonders, as it gazes into the future of wot the future might hold in store for you. you can't hold on to that too tightly sometimes, because it can just be taken away. and sometimes you fight, but even if it wasn't meant to be.. some of us keep fighting. and wot then, when it's finally yours? sometimes, you're so tired.. you only manage a glimpse of the promised land, only to have yourself relinquish your own life. nothing is certain, yet the end is certain.

if you need me in school:
0830 - 0930 MED107 lecture
0930 - 1130 MED107 workshop
1330 - 1430 MUL101 lecture
1430 - 1530 MSC134 lecture

0930 - 1030 JPN 171 tute

1200 - 1330 MSC134 tute
1330 - 1430 JPN 171 tute

0930 - 1030 JPN 171 tute

0930 - 1030 JPN 171 tute
1400 - 1530 MUL101 workshop/lab

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