Thursday, February 5, 2004

round around the edges
when you finally have to go out and face the world, admist the bullets whizzing by. not knowing which one is going to hit you in the knee shattering your knee cap, crippling you for life. these are the days where you may just find safe passage in someone elses' home. a relative maybe. even being at my aunt's place, i think the ties of sisterhood between my mom and her sis trancend to the children. call me asian, piety is a value i hold dear to my heart. and it's great to experience the surface, first hand warmth of everybody. shure there's the awkward wot do we do now between cousins, but hey.. that dosen't discount the nice-ness extended to one another in the first place. and everything looked so smiling. it's tough to forget that we all have wear our masks sometimes. but i don't think it's a mask. it was like a sort of inate joy that manifested itself and covered us. even if they are masks, they come from a certain part of us.

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