Thursday, February 17, 2005

back to the sun
im going back to perth in about fourteen hours time, and i guess i've thought about the time i spent here in spore. for one thing, i've managed to gig with some of my best friends, and the best band i can think of for the job of shaking the scene here in spore. it's been a swell and tremendous journey with the leeson guys and i look forward to our journey ahead.

i also remember the wala walas gig with oneliner, and how much a bundle of nerves i was to be playing in a cover band. it required a different style of playing, one that i needed and am heeding now to improve my chops to be a better bass player.

with regards to the girl, there's been a sort of resolution in it all. i suppose we've chosen different paths, or the timing's just not in my favour, but i've learnt so much just seeing how God works in regards to wot His plans for me are in perhaps someday sharing a relationship with someone. how much more i need to prepare, and how much more there are things in myself i need to change. for His glory -) at least i don't leave with regret, for that i am thankful.

and there's probably so much more, so much more lessons that i'm going to take with me to perth, and really live it out for His glory. come what may, we'll be waiting. *grin*

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