Sunday, February 20, 2005

we're talking
so i went back to FGA this morning, seeing all my new old church friends. again, it was somewhat surreal, seeing the familiar faces, and yet in the past three months, the church looks like it's travelled along without me. travelling back and forth between countries feels like playing a game of tag, or catch-up. but not that it matters too much, because i guess we'll get there eventually.

anyhow, there was a pretty interesting sermon about the sin of familiarity, that we somehow stop God from releasing His true power and plan if we adhere too much to certain tradition. so i guess, we need to know the reason why we do certain things, review our traditions, appreciate them for wot they are rather than a recipe to have God in our midst. because i think at the end of it, the principle's just as important as the tradition.

we can't put God in a box, but that's not saying we go around with guns blazing. everything needs careful prayer and petition, but when we actually finally act out in faith, it's like a precision strike where it hurts..

so yeahhh, really wonder wot holds in store for us this semester in term of God's work.

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