Saturday, February 26, 2005

live and die
one of the things i was looking forward to coming back to perth was just jumping into the car and going for spins with the night air and loud music in the wind. both of which have been accomplished easily upon returning to australian soil.

thinking back this past week, it still feels strangely surreal.. that i'm in a different place from it all. sometimes i don't feel as if i'm the same person, sometimes i feel as if i never left. well, jimmy told me at worship practice that the moment i returned, duty just found its way to me in barely a week. already in the past week, my bass duties have kept me busy, playing on wednesday, friday saturday and sunday for church, as well as meeting up with paul on thursday. this means that in the past four days, i have been wielding the four-string.

and perhaps i havent gotten tired of it, though physically.. i think i could use a break. still, it's good to be occupied. i'm blessed, i havent done much besides this and watching movies of all kinds by ransacking the video collection in the library. this past week i've already watched macross ii, garage days, hellboy, house of flying daggers,and a chinese ghost story. not bad for a week's worth of idle.

which scares me, because i don't think my dad's forking out my school fees for me to do just that.

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