Saturday, February 19, 2005

sometimes the sun rises a little earlier
i still don't have internet at home, but i'm glad i've got friends who do -) and i guess, i'm really grateful for everyone who's been there for me when perhaps i needed it. just this morning, i read an entry from my journal, where i recorded wot my friend prayer over me in perth. he told me that i wasn't alone in the race, and that there were friends everywhere around me, spurring me on. and now, as i look back upon wot has transpired, and i think, yeahh.. that is true. so many of you have been there for me.

jo who's letting me use her internet now, and well, just encouraging me when i needed it.

thomas for really just being the best band member and friend a guy could have.

vinz for your constant encouragement and unconditional buddyhood.

jeannie for being a listening ear, and honest opinions and genuine concern.

and so many more of you, my family, my church and my God. can i be all that you've been to me? i'd like to appreciate you as much as you perhaps appreciate me.

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