Monday, February 28, 2005

still learning death defying stunts
ahh.. life is simple somewhat. y'know how sometimes we overcomplicate things or lead utterly busy lives just so we can justify our existence on this earth? i wonder if slowly day by day, that complication fades in view of living by grace. not that there's anything wrong with philosophical insights, just that it can become a god sometimes. and over-simplification can have the same risk as well. so i suppose there is no right or wrong way to lead life, except perhaps lead life walking in salvation.. wotever that means to you. of course i'm talking about the Christian salvation, and i'd advocate it to anyone, but i can't change you no matter how much i convince you. it doesn't work that way, because i'm not paying for your life with my own, only Jesus does that and sets you free from the jaws of death.

do Christians fear death? not anymore i suppose. there is freedom in salvation, though you'd have to be saved to understand, and be revealed to. if you're truely seeking, He will find, and you will find. i guess He's already found you, just that sometimes we don't want to be found. we like wot we have and who we are. perhaps one the deceptive weapons of the enemy is false contentment. do you need something to go wrong to tell you that you need God? or is there something in you there wonders about there being more to life than living and dying?

and so it continues, this semester, these thoughts. the pace hasn't picked up yet, but still, i like the challenge, as i like the peace. we had a jam today and the band's really sounding good. nice tight three-piece with good energy. feel like i belong somewhat. my thoughts still go out to those back home -)

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