Wednesday, February 2, 2005

hello. today as i was taking the bus back, i noticed an advertisement going something like "4+3+2=1". it made little sense, then i started thinking about the rules of mathematics. addition and subtraction, patterns and such. it scared me that, we humans have developed a system of counting, but wot exactly does 1+1 mean? i looked further out the window, and i saw all these numbers walking around. they were actually people, but reduced to mere statistics, void of personality. would see two people walking. two people? i could group them as two seperate beings, and everywhere i looked i saw these little conclaves of people, each with a different number in them. simply because we have developed a system of counting. imagine if we didn't! well, then it got me wondering about how we've managed to send probes into space simply by utilising a system based on counting, defining empirical value to metaphysics. just imagine for a moment if this man made concept of counting were wrong to begin with, where 1 + 1 does not equate to 2.

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