Wednesday, February 23, 2005

stories that know no end
so uni's kind of starting to get into gear for me. i've already attended all my lectures and signed up for all my classes, so all that's left to do is to actually do them. but it's been good so far, i guess i've got friends, people i can appreciate as well as things that i can do and use my time for. goals that have been set, and perhaps i focus i never really had in previous years. on my side, things look like an uphill task for setting certain wrong things right. the consequences of past mistakes are kind of appearing here and there, and where i've avoiding obstacles and engagement, perhaps i write here today with the grace and love of God that He will take me thru the tasks ahead.

perhaps i'm not a very confident person, like i know where all my past failures have been, or sometimes i get too lazy, and i think magically certain things will just disappear. but God's taking me thru a journey, which he's doing the same for all of you, and somehow.. this year, this time feels different. things may feel the same once the heat comes or the first salvo explodes next to my current location. but i'll remember that the hope that i feel today, with regards to all things 2005 and the years beyond, is the same hope that never changes and never fails. why do we do wot we do? we're just driven so, to see it till the end. stories that have no end.

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