Wednesday, March 2, 2005

still on a graveyard shift
just got out of a tutorial, and i dunno if anyone else noticed, but this girl in my tute was wearing a necklace with the Islam symbol and i was wearing my Yeshua t-shirt. pretty funny, and we still managed to have good discussion. hahaha -)

oh well, i've just gotten an email saying that my ADSL connection is activated. wotever that means, i'll have a go at it and see where that takes me. this means i don't need to stay in the library any longer to use the internet! which is a good and bad thing.

so last night, i finally watched pulp fiction, and can see now wot all the fuss is. hurmmm.. out of all the QT films i've watched, liked this one the best. like some sorta spagetti western y'know? with a killer soundtrack to boot. well, you can't go wrong with good music and visuals y'know?

and then i set up my bass rig. well, not exactly, just fiddled with my pedals and played abit. tryna get some sorta decent tone out of it. well, its sounding pretty good i guess, running it with a phaser and chorus yields surprising results. can't wait for the next jam to see how it all goes.. sounding like a cross between interpol, mercury rev, dylan, nirvana all at once. really hope i can this slice of life home to spore, as i know i've taken a slice of spore back to perth with me this semester round.

so yeahh, the reason why i like perth so much, has something to do with me being able to start out again. i don't know. maybe i've forgotten wot its like to live at home? because like, during army, i'm hardly home (every weekend), and then i came straight to perth. don't get me wrong, i love my folks to little bits and peaces, its just that when you're 23 perhaps you could do with less of mom's nagging (not that she nags a lot to begin with). but over here, it really feels like a new lease of life, to get it right. i know there are so many ways in which people see me as who i was rather than who i am. not that there's anything wrong, because we'd have to be constantly updating one another's life just to see where each of us are. but it does have its downsides, becauses you're new, nobody perhaps really knows you for who you are. just some casual thoughts, gotta keep this personal somewhat aye?

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