Saturday, March 12, 2005

personal artifacts
alright, im a tad jumpy now. perhaps a mix of not sleeping, hunger pangs, silver mount zion and rabid preperation for jame's wedding tomorrow. i have to be somewhere at 0830 tomorrow morning. my first shot with the video camera is an establishing of the hotel the groom is currently residing in. after that, we'll play by ear. wots making me jumpy, is that the camera i got issued doesn't hold the battery in place very properly. so i have to tape it up to keep it in place. i guess i'm really hoping that it doesn't fall it, if not this project could just crumble to pieces. and its strange really, how people have come up to me to help them shoot certain things, when i'm barely and rarely a cameraman. i guess its never too late to learn or develop an eye for things. but really, there's so much to learn, and right now i feel as if there's so little time.

i thought i could do one little 30 second blip each week, but it looks like that won't be happening anytime soon. well not unless i actually start with something. quick, gimme an idea of wot you'd like to see? ideas anyone? if not i'll show you stupid things like my room and all that stuff. but hurmmm.. the thought is appealing. hahahaha, okok.. mebbe by next sunday i'll put a little something up. like a tour of my neighbourhood or perhaps excerpts of my housemates. something along those lines.

in the meanwhile (hahahaha, that phrase doesn't exist.), i'm gonna sleep. well deserved.

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