Thursday, March 17, 2005

i just want you to know
funny ditty film found here entitled: how to be emo

found this great website by rob dobi

and i wanna get the kthx t-shirt by leetcore

also, just bought 70 dollars worth of groceries, that will hopefully last me 2 weeks, then 1 week and 3 days based on the different categories of perishables that i bought. but really glad with my buy of lettuce, tomatos, apples and honeydew. enough fruit and greens to last me for the next five days. i'm gonna start eating and snacking healthily! i'm sorry, but sometimes these are the most exciting things that happen in perth. plus, i'm probably being more domesticated than i should. hahahaha.

also, was offered another gig to do video-ing for another church member's wedding. and in the pipeline is also the Seraphim gig on April 2nd. man.. that's quite a few personal projects lined up, i hope they don't get in the way. but i guess it feels somewhat fulfiling that i can use wot i've been studying to a certain use.

and man! its hot in perth today..

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