Sunday, March 13, 2005

the harshest buckle of unoberving speech
well, the wedding was a success, and it was just such a simple beautiful event. its the first wedding i attended in perth, and probably also my first time videographing such an event. even though i was on 2nd cameras.. haha, when you don't have much to go around, you gotta start counting on wot you have at hand. but yeah, learnt alot from david, we're hitting the studios tomorrow to edit our footage together.

weddings in perth are probably generally different from the ones i've attended in perth, and i suppose it all adds to my cultural education. but yeah, it was held at a lovely winery abouts the swan river, and a perfect spotless day. lush green gardens surrounded the gazebo where the solemnisation took place, and just lots of touching gestures by the groom, bride, family and friends just made it such a warm and close-knit affair. friends and family came up with testimonials for the lovely beloved, and the couple themselves just had so much they wanted to share with us on that day as well.

could i think of my own wedding? hahahaha, i'm not gonna get all soppy on you, while i don't have a girl nows, but i do have the family and friends. and it really made me miss the folk that matter, the approval of my parents, the best men, naps & long-gay (i'd have it no other way), the guest list, the music, food, decor.. all the things.. that somehow its just a massive party that you wanna share with those you love, with the one you love.. and i dunno, could be one of the most significant days of your life. either that, or a small quiet affair.. y'see.. it's the people around you that make it count. and ultimately without God, even those people wouldn't count for much -)

and i promise i'll put photos up soon, because i just had a really fun day after church today! we went to east perth after service to have a picnic and slide down green slopes with cardboard boxes! it was sooooooo fun! hahahaha, just a great time to unwind and do silly things. my t-shirt was all dirty and i probably looked like a six year old who'd just finished playing around in the sandpit with the other kids. it was a lovely day, and i hope to put the pictures up soon.

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