Saturday, March 19, 2005

cease and desist
i've always wondered wot it meant to desist. now i could go check a dictionary, but that wouldn't be too fun. anyhows, coupla things i want you guys to check out today.

sleeping dogs lie. just check the trailer out, you might find a few familiar faces in there. interesting to see famous musicians acting in independent films. in case you don't know who they are, i'm talking about brad wilk of ex-rage against the machine and current audioslave. and maynard james keenan of tool / a perfect circle fame.

next up is something funnier courtesy of a friend of mine gi joe: remixed. some of the humour's abit daft, but its hell funny.

and yesterday i was supposed to tell you that i spent my entire day playing splinter cell, plus i skipped one of my classes. frankly, advancing in that game was more productive then attending a useless "production" class where we're not taught anything but spend two hours in a class doing class work while the tutor does something else. probably her own personal film or wotever. bahhhhhhhhhh. but anyhow, playing espionage in an imaginary war is much more fun.

and today i finally had a jam with my band. we've got an eight song set list which is sounding really good! our first gig for the new year is in april, about three weeks away, and i dare say we're starting to sound really good! much stronger material these days, more identity and dynamics. we were also joking and fiddling around with an ad paul saw in the classifieds about a mandolin player looking for a band to play alternative country. we're not exceptionally country, but hey, there are tinges of it. really excited about our material, and starting a band from the down up is hard work. but hopefully we'll generate some sort of a following..

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