Tuesday, March 15, 2005

who holds the key to tomorrow?
finally done with the wedding video, and mad props to david for showing me the mother load of premeire pro. well, i have learnt a lot, and am hoping to put them into good use some day. video video video! i need a subjet to shoot!! well, just that, i feel inspired somewhat.

wot crossed my mind today, was the issue of christian states. i was at a lecture when as usual, they begun talking a little bit on anti-abortion laws, and laws against drink driving and other assorted vices. now, i've had christians from the democratic christian party come to my church here, to talk a little of their vision of seeing God glorified as head of the state. and as christians, i guess we ought to be happy somewhat, at the utopia of everyone in your nation being a christian, or abiding by christian values. because that is the law.

see? that's where i'd hold my horses a little. i just started wondering, if christian values were upheld in the law, meaning that we would be convicted (serve time in jail? incarcerated?) if we did something against the law. would that mean that i'd get a jail sentence for surfing pornography, or speaking heresy against the church? now don't get me wrong, i am a christian, and i'd hope i'd stand up for God any day of the week.

but if we have laws to upkeep our values, wouldn't that be christian legalism somewhat? and we know, that with the condition of the human heart, having legalism forced down your throat like that, i wonder if more harm than good will be done instead. can you imagine how many people would have a criminal record just because they don't subscribe to the 'moral standards' of christians?

therefore, i propose this as a warning to you my breathren, who call ourselves christians. we can be so SELF-RIGHTEOUS at times, that we forget we struggle the same as the person next to us with temptations left right and center. the same anger, lustful desires or power hungry shifts. we speak spite and malice to our brothers in arms, and the same pride that we are better, afflicts every single one of us. can we actually say we are free of these inclinations? i can't say for myself, and i can't say for you. only God judges me, and we stand by GRACE ALONE. if God finds me innocent, then i am innocent, if he finds me guilty, then i am guilty. but who washes us white as snow? only the blood of the lamb.

so christian states? i dunno, but if you're in a position of power, and you have values to maintain for the glory of God, then i pray we don't abuse our positions on this fragile earth.

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