Thursday, March 24, 2005

peace mate, it's all good
last night was quite an interesting one. culminating in one of the more funny experiences i've had in fremantle. the lot of us went down to the sail & anchor, where i proceded to my favourite beez neez beer brewed from honeyed wheat, and was recomended wot is not for the faint hearted, but for the faint..

chilli beer!!??!!

before you splurt wotever dire juices that are swimming in your mouth currently, hear me out. this is the strangest malt drink since.. well.. since malt was first brewed for casual consumption. i'm sorry, i couldn't even try to be funny if i tried. seem to have lost that flair, or never had it. my past posts seem a lot more interesting than this.. but i sidetrack. whoops, and this is an interesting experience, so.. it is interesting! lets not write it off yet shall we?

so yeah, chilli beer, can't say i'm a fan. i told kiat it was like drinking cut chili. and y'know how you like something salty with your malt drinks? well, chilli beer made we wanna pour tau yu / light soya sauce into it and just finish it. and the scariest thing about this beer, is that it's spicy. it defies all logic of drinking a cold beer to quench your thirst. the taste it leaves behind is much akin to drinking a can of mace and washing it down further with baking soda.

if i told you that you had a hot body, would you hold it against me?

see, here's the best bit. we got stopped in our tracks by a stranger, lets call him Ron. and he talks us to death for two whole hours!! i don't even know why we didn't excuse ourselves rudely since being polite didnt seem to register in his brain. in retrospect, its as if everytime we thought he was gonna finish talking, he started on another topic and the only thing that comes to mind is

"time extension!!"

when you play Daytona USA. II to be exact.

gahhhh, and he was going on and on about "us oriental guys" being so lucky to snag "oriental girls". while i agree with him on that point somewhat, jeepers, i suppose it was more cathartic for him to let it out cuz he used to date a sporean girl and a chinese single mom with 3 kids, and how "awesome" she was.

now don't get me wrong, we were laughing and joking at certain things. but two hours? mannn.. we were wondering if he escaped from the Psychiatric ward from the freo hospital nearby. still, people far and wide don't come quite as close to Ron. and yeah, if you're wondering, that's the pick-up line he though us in the secret to getting women. *nods*

also more pressing is that, the hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy is coming to towne as a movie! catch the trailer here!

and to really knock your socks off, the sin city trailer is here. looks like it packs a punch with the double whammy of jessica alba and alexis biedel. and just the entire style of the film itself. yes, movies should be shallow to feed the shallow needs of us consumers.

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