Monday, March 28, 2005

excerpts of reformission
"...At this time, God spoke to me very clearly, rebuking me for lacking the humility, ministry success, or wisdom to be traveling, writing books, and acting like a rock star flying around the country to stand on stages before crowds..."

"...First, the pastor (who looked like Mr. T) had been an NFL linebacker and knew how to kill people in self-defense..."

"...Second, he taught the Bible verse by verse in a real way, one that enabled me to have a relationship with Jesus that did not feel like he was my lifelong prom date..."

"...I was answering the phone at home in my underwear, since we didn't even have an office or a secretary...."

"...Reformission is a radical call for Christians and Christian churches to recommit to living and speaking the gospel, and to doing so regardless of the pressures to compromise the truth of the gospel or to conceal its power within the safety of the church..."

full write-up found here.

pretty good read, a nice way to spend a quiet evening -) hope it helps. happy easter!

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