Thursday, March 31, 2005

not connecting, not recieving
there's a bitter cold contemplation in perth today, simply because the temperature drops overnight. one night is all it takes for some semblance of hell to freeze over. you wake up at dawn with shivers in your toes and you ponder in your brain, why blankets don't always cover your toes when they're up to your chest. and why they don't cover your chest when they're down to your toes. i've just had a massive offering of -core from weiming, peivn's significant other who dropped in from Sydney. it's great! he should come round more often! hahahaha.. well, i might be going over to Sydney, i dunno.. i'm kinda thinking about it, sue's invited me to her graduation and it would be rude not to show up wouldn't it? plus i guess i get to catch up with old friends like alywin as well. i miss the bugger, wonder how he's doing. writing his face off probably *grin* but yeah, in exchange for the -core, i gave weiming my stash of m83, the spirit that guides us, husky rescue, hot hot heat and many more moodish moments. i think it was a fair trade, i get all the -core i never got to listen to because of all the other stuff i've had to listen to. the curse or blessing of only having one pair of ears. somehow, as much as i make fun of emo bands, i know deep down in myself, a part of me admires them for boldly being the pansies that they are.

tonight on a current affair, i think they're gonna show some retard program featuring a story of whether chivalry is dead because of feminism. i think it's boistrous that feminist assume that chivalry is an act that demeans women because we think they are a weaker sex. i've had the same thought before, being a disgruntled and confused "wot do women want" kinda guy, but in my life-long education of the female species, according to my reliable sources, chivalry is not dead. women want to be treated as women, and that probably means being courteous to and all the like. so guys, keep opening doors for women, hold the lift for them, give up your seats, throw your jackets over puddles, as long as you have no ulterior intentions, i think you're in the safe books. disclaimer: actual results vary as to how much of a 'tard you are. but don't worry, napkin man will save you, or perhaps her from your social retardedness.

and a final thought, are we really such well-exposed people, because as much as we have an open mind, we're still closed to comment and perhaps rightfully and dutifully draw from experience that we have come to have? so having said that, no one knows more than you, and you don't know anymore than her/him.

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