Wednesday, March 16, 2005

all is well on the morning of easter sunday
i was having a little think about that post that i made yesterday. and while i was voicing out against the self-righteousness of christians, i think i also poorly reflected the state of our world today.

perhaps if i'm trying to be too understanding of the struggles of our world and generation, God's standards sometimes forget to show in my typings. hahaha, i don't know if saying that people who surf pornography shouldn't be thrown into jail counts as a support for pornography, but i just thought i'd make it clear.

if we were all sanctified, and somehow, i think in God's kingdom these things will be outlawed. but perhaps i just don't have that much faith in the human species, which is why i said wot i said. our human nature wants to carry on sinning as much as our spiritual nature is telling us otherwise.

i was speaking from the point of view of a non-believer having morals forced down his throat, but i failed to really think to myself, and convince myself, that perhaps if such holiness was meant to be God-willed, i really have no argument against that. can God create a christian state? i'm shure He could, but will he? that's where His infinite wisdom needs to be counselled upon.

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