Sunday, March 20, 2005

dry the rain
feeling all over the place, because i thought i'd get to know someone better only to find out she's attached. well, at least prior reconissence revealed hostile forces. anyhow, it'll pass once i get it out -)

also, two new band name ideas:
mon capitan &

i caught jebediah with paul just now, nothin' doing. two crazy girls snapped my pic with their silly camera phone. probably some series on lonely people standing by themselves because paul was sitting on the grass with his girlfriend, and i was standing. also i saw them snap some other poor sod in a similar position as me.

but good things to report in the spiritual realm. i'm thinking of joining up with a new ministry that doesn't involve my musical 'talents', but perhaps something even more raw in my heart. will keep you guys posted, if i feel accountable to you. hahaha. and also, giving my japan testimony in about two weeks time. *yikes* can you actually believe i have a fear of public speaking?

i feel especially emo today.

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