Sunday, March 6, 2005

standard issue questions
dear Christians, i just feel compelled to say "watch yourselves in the way you conduct yourselves, because the world is just waiting for us to fall flat on our faces, waiting for us to fail. but actually, if we tried really really hard, we probably will fail. so take heart that we walk by grace and salvation.While life on this earth counts, it's not wot we live for."

well, i've had a pretty busy weekend, was editing a little something for a women's ministry event on friday night, and had wedding rehearsal to attend because i'm helping david the main videographer as the 2nd camera. i'm glad to be able to learn off him, because i'm not usually behind a lens. even this semester, i'm not learning much camera work, so this is a really good oppurtunity for me.

and it's also gotten me thinking about how my own wedding might turn out. i tell you, living with girls almost makes you become one. in perhaps the things you think about. i mean, i don't think of weddings in my spare time. i think of nonsense like hardware, software, instruments, news, sports.. i dunno. hahahaha, well.. live and learn like they say. it may be a while before i actually meet someone.

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