Thursday, March 31, 2005

you just keep me hangin' on
another goodsome day i'd say. once again, filled with inane activity like apply for a job at a record store. and they had me take this music knowledge test, dunno if they'll call me back, i don't reckon i scored exceptionally well on it, but if God-willing, i hope they'll give it to me.

and i stepped into another record store where i asked for the new snowman EP, and the guy behind the counter said it wasn't in the store but that it was out. because he just saw them with it when he played a gig with them last week. and i asked him "oh! which band are you from?"


"the jeb?" man, i had to backpedal, given some shite excuse of not being around when they were famous, and his friend promptly cuts in

"hahahaha, were famous."


in case you don't know who the jeb are, just imagine bono tells you he just saw the new radiohead EP out when they played a gig together last week, and you ask the bloke "oh, wot band are you playing in?"

that's about roughly how big jebediah were in perth.

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